Sega‘s arcade game, "Oshare (look cool, fashionable) Majyo (witch/sorceress) Love and Berry" is targeted at primary school girls in Japan. 6800 of these machines have been placed in arcade game centers and shopping malls. Using the "Oshare magic card" the girls over here compete with a rival character to win a fashion contest. It is a kind of Mushiking (a battling beetle card game also by Sega) for female gamers.

Sega Toys presented some items with these characters at the end of the last year, including this "Rumine (illuminating) Wristband", which flashes in response to vibration, by pressing the button of the game or the sound of clapping hands. On March 3, twenty-one official shops promoting the line, called "LB Style Square",; are opening with  200 items including clothing and stationary. The plan is to open 100 shops with 1,200 products within this year. The wristband costs about 13 bucks alone, or $17 with some twinkling decoration stickers.


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