Gizmodo Japan: SpaceRam

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Instant Ramen, the long-standing foundation foodgroup of the college diet, has earned itself a ride into orbit on space shuttle Discovery. After the successful launch this week, Nissin Foods announced that Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi was headed into space packing "SpaceRam," a specially developed ball-shaped version of instant ramen designed to be easily edible with a fork instead of the typical sucked-through-a-straw spacefood. As if making space-noodles in standard ramen flavor wasn't cool enough, Nissen is offering SpaceRam in four different flavors: soy sauce, miso, curry and pork broth.

Astronauts, excited by the idea of eating like college students again, are undoubtedly left wondering when modern science will bring them the SpaceBong to complete the experience. -JM

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