Gizmodo Seeks Senior Editor in NY

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Man, the BoingBoing crew is fast. They somehow blogged a Gizmodo job posting before we did. Weird.

I'm looking for someone with hustle, and solid contacts in the gadget world. Someone who is technical, but can still write around the jargon. Someone who has a good sense of humor, a strong work ethic, and a competitive streak. Someone who has a few years of magazine experience, but isn't scared of the blogging pace. Someone who can spot news fast, and has an innate ability to write strong headlines and leads. Someone in NY, who can spearhead the day, hit up the NY junkets, and help manage our NY writer and intern. One caveat: The job does come with a boss who runs the site like it's a sailboat driving hard against tide and weather. It's just more fun that way.


If you fit those requirements, please send me your resume, a few fake-blog posts, and a nice little cover letter. Put "Senior Editor" in the subject head if you ever want me to read it. And if you're not in NY, but you're going to the CEDIA Expo next month, drop me a line anyhow.

Gizmodo's hiring a new (additional) Senior Editor [Boingboing]

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Ni Tsu Alien

I used to live in New York, the big fat state attached to the little turd of an island that everyone refers to as 'New York' and I have a request. Unless you're interested in someone to write about skiing gadgets, widgets that open wine bottles, or devices that make you forget about the general crappiness of that state's economy, please edit your post so that it says you're looking for someone in NYC, or New York City.