(2/20/06) It was a positively presidential day at the Gizmodo neck of the woods, starting with a look ahead at Microsoft s nutty idea of offering the way-late Windows Vista in eight flavors along with a forecast of how late and costly Sony s PS3 will be. We also posted a couple of reviews to celebrate the day, one a video shootout between two noise-dampening headphones, and the other a spirited look at a well-priced voice recorder by Olympus. Kodak and Samsung each hit the streets with a quartet of new products, and of course, we found yet another way to serve up a cold one on this three-day weekend with a fridge that doubles as a major-spiffy keg cooler. Cheers, Abe and George—this one s for you.

Gizmodo Video Review: Headphone Shootout
Guest Review: Olympus DM-20 Digital Voice Recorder


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Window s Vista Available in 8 Flavors

Rumors and Speculation
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