Gizmodo University: Atari Punk Console Edition

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Gizmodo University concludes its Discover Electronics Online series with the construction of an Atari Punk Console. Impress your friends and intimidate your enemies with Lo-Fi sound effects! And did we mention? We've got Certificates of Achievement! Certificates for everybody!*

Welcome to the final class in our Discover Electronics Online course. Today, we're going to put everything we've learned together and build an Atari Punk Console. If you still aren't clear about the concepts or devices used in this project, feel free to review the material in any of our previous lessons. Discover Electronics Online is proudly presented in conjunction with Sparkle Labs.


Building My Atari Punk Console


Additional Resources:
Forest M. Mims III on the Atari Punk Console
Rob the Fiddler
kaustic machines

Playing My Atari Punk Console


Atari Punk Console on The Scope



*Certificates for everybody that completes the final, at least. Don't worry, it's open book.
All you have to do to get a 100% Genuine Certificate of Achievement is complete and submit these assignments. What you thought you could just show up and get a cert? We're not THAT irresponsible; besides, the "Just Show Up, Get A Certificate" promotion doesn't even run until next month.


Further Learning

This may mark the end of our time together for Discover Electronics but it is not the end of your electrical education! Head on over to Sparkle Labs for more lessons and practice!