Gizmodo's Charlie White Is Too Cool For School, Gets Crowned Cool Geek of the Week

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Charlie, er sorry, I meant King Charlie just earned a spot on Born Rich's Cool Geek of the Week. A guy whose face is under Wikipedia for "Cool Geek"—because he put it there himself—Charlie is connected in every way possible.

How about a guy who automatically updates a website every five minutes, 24/7, using a PC connected to a wireless weather station? Or walks around with a GPS unit strapped to his wrist and Nike + iPod shoes on, uploading all his exercise data to the web on a daily basis (okay, okay, snobs, he wears a solid gold Rolex when he's not exercising)? Or a guy who controls his four-zone climate control system in his test lab via a web browser? Or was seen driving around with four GPS devices blaring at him at the same time, all yelling at him to "turn left! turn left!," which he promptly disobeyed.

Dependent on machines, but not so dependent he doesn't know when to tell them to STFU. That's our Charlie!


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