Gizmodo's Japan Adventure: Possible Meetup and a Lesson on Junkets

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So I told you guys I was going to Korea and Japan. Well, there have been some changes. I'm skipping Korea and just doing Japan for two weeks. Why?


Well, I was supposed to visit a company HQ in Seoul, tour their factory, design center, the works. But then, a week before I was supposed to go, they told us that video and photography would be prohibited. As that basically made the trip useless for our purposes, and we're paying for it rather than letting them foot the bill (which is what they were doing for everyone else on the trip), we decided the time would be better spent looking for sweet, fun stuff in Japan. I'm pleased with the decision. But now that I have an extra week in Japan, I figured I should fill some of that time with meeting some readers. Anyone up for a meetup?

I'm gonna be in Japan from 10/14 to 10/27, but I will be outside Tokyo until 10/19. Where's a cool place for a meetup? Is there a sweet bar that would be fun? Do you guys even want to have a meetup? Does anyone just want to hang out and go to Muscle Park or some equally ludicrous place with me and be in a silly video on Giz? The world is our oyster, my friends. Post suggestions in comments or feel free to shoot me an email at


No words...... Shoud... have sent.... a bowflex.....