Gizmondo Executive Goes to Jail, Does Not Pass Go, Does Not Collect $200

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Gizmondo exec, Stefan Erikkson, has certainly made a lot of news lately and it has nothing to do with his crappy, kidney shaped portable media device. In the latest turn of events, Eriksson has been officially arrested and held without bail on suspicion of grand theft. Get the full scoop, after the jump.


The charges come amidst two events that happened over the past few months. He was involved in an accident where one of 399 rare Ferrari Enzo's was wrecked into a light pole at well over 150mph and ripped in half. Eriksson's blood alcohol test registered well-above the legal limit, but he claimed that another man, named Dietrich, was the one driving and then fled into the woods. Dietrich was never found.


More questions began arising just a month later when a $600,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was seized by police when Eriksson's wife was stopped in Beverly Hills on suspicion of driving without a license. The car had been reported stolen to London's Scotland Yard.

Eriksson was officially arrested for failing to make payments on three sports cars that were imported to the U.S. from Britain. Other charges may be added pending DNA tests and further investigation including DUI and fraud for the business venture that the three sports cars were purchased on. He is also being held without bail because of his questionable visa status. Arraignment on this case is expected to begin this week.

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