Gizmondo's Elusive 'Dietrich' In Police Custody

Illustration for article titled Gizmondos Elusive Dietrich In Police Custody

Remember when Gizmondo's CEO Stefan Eriksson completely obliterated his Ferrari Enzo on the PCH and blamed his make-believe German buddy "Dietrich" for the whole thing? It appears that even the friends of rich-and-infamous failed entrepreneurs can't outrun the law forever. After spending over a year on the lam, a man Los Angeles police are calling the Dietrich is sitting in a cell on $60,000 bail.

The authorities believe Trevor Michael Karney, the true identity of the fictitious Dietrich, hid in Ireland for a time after the famous crash, then snuck back in to the United States via Mexico. He was arrested today and charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest, lying to a police officer (about his involvement in the ordeal) and, potentially, violating federal immigration code. Some people never learn. [LA Times]

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Enough talk about the frakin car...The Deitrich is going to be a millionaire when he sells the movie rights to this clown show.