Commenter robkonz1 noticed something strange about Google's recent offline Mobile Gmail demo: the HTC Magic used in the demo had—ohmygoodness—a T-Mobile logo on it. Does this mean the Magic is going to be our G2?


Engadget noticed this as well, and notes that the T-Mobile logo on this particular handset is a uniquely US one. While it is true that the American T-Mobile logo has one less dot left of the T than in the rest of the world, this isn't definitive evidence. That this handset is a complimentary successor to the G1, which T-Mobile exclusively carries, is as strong an indicator as any that the Magic will probably eventually show up on Ole' Magenta (people should call them this, by the way). For T-Mobile not to release this as their G2 would be more surprising than anything else. The thing we're really waiting for is us a release date—by the dictates of T-Mobile or not—and this doesn't really help us much there. —Thanks, robkonz!

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