Go Download Super Mario Run Right Now

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Super Mario Run is finally here. Announced in September, it is the first time that Nintendo’s most famous character will have a game on smartphones, and it’s exclusive to the iPhone and iPad.


You can go download Super Mario Run right now from the App Store. The game itself is a scrolling platform game, in which Mario perpetually runs from left to right. Players tap on the screen to help Mario avoid obstacles and collect coins, just like the old games. The best part of this version, however, is that you only need one hand to play. The only catch is that you have to be online.

There’s also a competitive mode that lets you battle against other players. The competition revolves around who can collect the most coins during their run and also who can “impress” the most turtles by performing death-defying stunts and other huge combos as you kill enemies and dodge pitfalls.

Super Mario Run is free to download, but you’ll only get access to two levels. To unlock all of the game’s features requires a $10 in-app purchase—which is a lo of cheese for an iOS game but also super cheap for a Nintendo game. This is an interesting experiment in just how well Nintendo franchises will do on smartphones, but given the success of Pokémon Go earlier this year, we wouldn’t be surprised if this thing takes off.

Go download Super Mario Run.

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The always-on network requirement is dumb. Already a pain at work where our local wifi blocks games, of course.

Also, having to select a country - and scrolling all the way to the bottom for “United States” is dumb.

Linking to a Nintendo account was a pain and equally as dumb - but at least better than Pokemon Go DDOS’ing itself.

Separate data download is dumb.

The actual game part of the game is mega super awesome super fun Mario sexcapades on ice!