Super Mario Is Coming to the iPhone

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Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on stage at today’s Apple Event to announce the introduction of Super Mario to the iPhone.


Super Mario Run appears to be a Temple Run-style platform game, Nintendo’s first proper game that doesn’t run on one of its console platforms. The company previously announced plans for iOS games back in April.

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In addition to the single player mode, where players jump and dash to over come obstacles and collect coins, there’s also a battle mode to play against friends and strangers with wins dependent on number of coins collected and turtles “impressed.”

Going with a runner makes sense for Nintendo. It’s known for games that play very well and have great controls, and it’s traditional platformers just do not transfer well to a touch screen, as anyone who has used a SNES or NES emulator can attest.

Super Mario Run will be available by the holiday season of 2016, but no date, or specific pricing has been made available.


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