GoBandit HD Tracks Your Extreme Sporting With GPS

If you don't quite think you have what it takes to GoPro, now you have another option: GoBandit. This waterproof, GPS-enabled videocam can capture your finest moments in HD and then overlay the footage with location, speed, and altitude data.

In addition to capturing 720p video, you can set the GoBandit to take 5 megapixel snapshots every 2 or 5 seconds. All these extreme memories are recorded onto 2GB of internal memory, expandable by an SDHC card.

The GoBandit's most attractive feature, though, is its ability to augment your video with information on your activity—so when you tell your friend, "I swear I was flying down that hill at 35 MPH," you'll have some hard evidence to back it up.


The GoBandit is currently available for preorder in the UK for $470, though apparently the bandits are hoping to hit a $389 pricepoint when the camera comes stateside. [GoBandit via Engadget]


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