God Does Not Want Nic Cage In The First Left Behind Trailer

What kind of cruel God would bring forth The Rapture but not call master thespian Nic Cage to his divine bosom? The God of the big-time Hollywood remake of Kirk Cameron's Left Behind movie, that's who. Check out the first trailer!


Hey, God? I don't want to tell you your business or anything, but even assuming some kids are either active sinners or had the misfortune of being brought up in non-Judeo-Christian religion and thus are not qualified to be Raptured, isn't letting their school bus drive off a bridge a bit much? After all, I thought letting school buses full of children die was Superman's job.

[Via Christian Nightmares]



God's Not Dead, Heaven is for Real, Son of God, Mom's Night Out, now Left Behind...

There are a LOT of movies with faith-based messages or movies from studios predominately known for faith-based movies getting fairly wide release this year.

Has there been some gap in the movie-going market that they suddenly realized wasn't being exploited? Or is this some kind of reaction to their perception that their faith has come under fire recently?