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It's great to see crazy people branch out. Troy Hurtubise, inventor of the Ursus bear suit designed to convince bears that you aren't food and the Angel Light, designed to allow the user to see through walls, is now using his magical God light to grow trees in Canada. As we see from this photo—what the hell do we see from this photo? It's supposed to be the God Light shining down on some spruce over the course of two weeks or something but hell, I could probably grow some weeds as tall as that with a flashlight and some belly-button lint. I'm thinking something is amiss here.

Anyway, they also suggest the God Light can be used to grow the chronic. The God Light uses "different light spectrums exposed to electromagnetic radiation and five gases" which is crazy for "this is a lamp." [Thanks, Ken]


Angel Light Allows Crazy People to See Through Walls

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