Gogo To Bring In-Flight Wi-Fi By Spring; We Can't Wait

We already knew that Virgin America and American Airlines were planning to bring in-flight wi-fi in 2008, but we seriously didn't expect it be ready by spring. Aircell has just launched its US in-flight wi-fi service called "gogo" and they claim it will be available in the first half of 2008. Virgin America and American Airlines have both signed on to use gogo but it looks like Virgin America is the only airline taking the service seriously.


Virgin America has been retrofitting their entire fleet with the necessary hardware whereas American Airlines is only running a trial on 15 planes. The service will bring a 2Mbps EVDO Rev. A connection and will actually be upgradeable to Rev. B or faster hardware in the future. So what's the fee for this magical in-flight service? Cross-country flights will cost $12.95 and shorter flights of 3 hours or less will be $9.95.

As for what limitations the airlines will set is still not clear, but with a spring launch, 2Mbs connection, and near $10 fee we can't help but be all hyped-up, so much so it's making us scream, "Let's gogo go!"[gogo via gigaom]


Maciek - symbiosis60.com

Why is everyone so afraid of the guy in the next seat watching porn??? Internet won't change much... I always carry a spare porn DVD in my laptop and I do not have to depend on the net connection YET I never had a desire to watch it while in flight...imagine being courteous to your next seat neighbour and listen to the porn through your headphones and then the flight attendant comes over and asks for tea of coffee...immediately you pull the headphone plug out of the laptop and here comes moaning and groaning...that would be fun...