Illustration for article titled Virgin America Bringing In-Air Wi-Fi to Its Flights in 2008

Man, Virgin America is really making all other airlines look horrible. First they started flying with awesome high-tech Linux computers on every seat, seat-to-seat chat, games (Doom!), movies, music and food ordering, not to mention sexy mood lighting, and now they just announced something even cooler: air-to-ground broadband.


Yep, starting next year, Virgin America flights will have Wi-Fi in the air as well as Ethernet jacks at every seat and connectivity on their seatback computers. You'll be able to check your email, IM, play Nintendo DS games against your buddies on the ground, and basically thank your lucky stars that you aren't on a US Airways flight the whole time you're in the air. So awesome. Now all they need to do is start servicing more cities. [Virgin America]

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