Don’t look down. That’s the only advice that kind of works when you’re up high on a 920-foot tall structure. But what if you’re descending down a ladder on the side of said 920-foot tall structure? You have to look down. But what if that ladder was swaying backwards because it’s very flimsily attached to the side of the structure? You’d be scared to look down again. And yet, the only way out is to go down. So you have to keep looking down.


Here’s daredevil Flaviu Cernescu showing his descent off a 920-foot tall chimney in Romania. It took 14 minutes to get down the chimney with only two of those minutes being used to rest. Cernescu breaks down the chimney into sections:

It took approximately 14 minutes to get down, 2 of which were spent resting between sections:

  1. 920 feet - 900 feet: the ladder has no safety cage and is very unstable.
  2. 900- 180 feet : good ladder, 720-foot descent with no break for rest.
  3. 180 feet- 65 feet : the ladder does not have safety cage, 34m descent exposed.
  4. 65 feet- 0 feet : power descent on electrical cable.

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