Goldfrapp: Melancholy Sky

I can't wait for the next Goldfrapp album but, in the meantime, The Singles will work. Twelve of Alison and Will's best tracks—including Gawker Media's favorite A&E—plus two that have never been released.

One of the latter is Yellow Halo. The other is this exquisite, sad but also simultaneously uplifting, Melancholy Sky. Uplifting in an "accepting that a love has ended and you are truly free of any ties, mental or otherwise" kind of way. It's a beautiful tune that has a lot of Seventh Tree, but also a dash of Black Cherry.

Sadly, the video is not an official one, but a fan compilation of bits and pieces from older Goldfrapp material. It doesn't matter. This track can make a film of a dog pooping look good. [iTunes and Spotify]

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I don't like your posts Jesus, but I do like Goldfrapp. So I guess there's something we have in common after all. Nice song. :)