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While not quite powered by nuclear fission, the BallFinder SCOUT does pack a surprising amount of tech into a device with a relatively benign purpose: to find your missing, non-microchipped golf balls after you've sliced them into the woods. Inside the BallFinder is a "video-like camera" that scans up to 600 feet in just one second, and so long as 1 percent, or about three dimples, of the ball is visible, it'll find your missing ball. It works by looking for the color signature of the golf ball, then it displays on its 3.2-megapixel screen the ball's location once you're within 35 feet. If the ball's in the water, however, tough luck: the $263 BallFinder's Space Age technology cannot penetrate that wettest of substances.

The Ballfinder SCOUT [Senderson Golf via gizmag]