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Good News: Angry Robot Books Gets Back To Full Speed In A Couple Months

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Angry Robot Books has published some of our favorite books of the past few years, including Ramez Naam's Nexus and Madeline Ashby's vN. But since Angry Robot got bought last fall, a lot of books were delayed, and Ashby ended up taking her next standalone book to Tor. The good news is, Angry Robot's signed some great new authors and is back on track.

Top image: Peacemaker by Marianne de Pierres

Angry Robot recently announced a book deal with Matthew De Abaitua, whose book Red Men rocked our universe. De Abaitua is publishing two books with Angry Robot: If Then brings "the First World War to an English town of the near-future, where an economic collapse has left the citizens under the control of an algorithm known as the Process." And the second novel, The Destructives, is described as "Mad Men in space." They also signed a new debut author, Patrick S. Tomlinson.


Angry Robot also just signed a six-figure deal with Lives of Tao author Wesley Chu for a new series, starting with the book The Rise of Io. These new books pick up eight years after the end of The Rebirths of Tao, the end of the current series.

Angry Robot's Publisher and Managing Director, Marc Gascoigne, tells io9 the publisher will be back on its usual schedule in March, putting out 27 books in 2015:

We're delighted that Angry Robot returns to a full publishing schedule in March of this year. Obviously a whole bunch of long-awaited books had to wait while we completed our move to new owners, but we were overjoyed that almost all of our authors and their agents stuck by us while the changes happened. Their loyalty and support for what we've achieved with AR over a few short years does them great credit.

In March, we kick off with debuts from Ferrett Steinmetz (Flex) and Carrie Patel (The Buried Life), which were originally due in the fall of last year. Carrie's book has already featured prominently in various Most Anticipated Books lists and we are very excited to be releasing this book, that Cherie Priest describes as a "dark, imaginative steampunk gem – tailor-made for mystery fans and history nerds alike, with plenty of cops-and-robbers to keep you on your toes." Ferrett's twisted urban fantasy, meanwhile, takes on the whole concept of different magic powers based on real-world skills, and turns it utterly on its head, with powerful effect.

The first of our absolutely brand new titles follows the month after - Alyc Helms with The Dragons of Heaven - and the year continues with an exciting mix of new authors, such as the Arthur C Clarke Award-nominated Matthew de Abaitua and the quirky Victorian fairytales of Ishbelle Bee, and further books in established series, such as Unseemly Science, Rod Duncan's sequel to the Philip K Dick Award-nominated Bullet-Catcher's Daughter. We also have the return of established Angry Robot authors such as Ramez Naam's much-anticipated final book in his Nexus, trilogy Apex; Wesley Chu's last Tao instalment, The Rebirths of Tao, before he starts work on his Io series for next year; Madeline Ashby's Rev – the Third Machine Dynasty; and Danielle L Jensen's Hidden Huntress, having transferred to Angry Robot from Strange Chemistry. We've also delighted to have contracted for hotly awaited sequels from Kameron Hurley, James A Moore, Tim Waggoner and Andy Remic.

All told, there are 27 books coming from AR in 2015, and our line-up for next year is already looking very impressive too! With the Watkins Media gang providing a supportive infrastructure and powerful sales partners like Random House very much still on board with us, it's business as usual for these busy robots.