Goodyear Announces an Octet of 'Rugged' GPS Units

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Goodyear, that name you're accustomed to seeing on tires, has decided to jump into the GPS game, sticking its familiar brand name onto navigation devices. Hey, they have something to do with cars, don't they? The company has pulled a Garmin on us, brand spamming with an entire product line of eight different GPS units that'll roll out at CES, and ship in Q2 of this year. They're calling them "rugged" for reasons we can't fathom. Anyway, they'll have a remote control you can stick within easy reach, letting you push a button to answer your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone. Spend a bit more, and you can hook up with MSN Direct for traffic and weather reports. No pricing was announced yet. This all sounds familiar. Check out the link for spec list of the entire bunch: [Read]