Goofball Covered in Skis Cruises Down a Mountain on Every Limb

Jean Yves Blondeau’s ski suit conjures up a lot of images. It’s sort of like a Transformer. Or The Stig for winter sports. But mostly I’m concerned about if the person wearing it is able to stop.


The suit has ski pieces that strap to the feet, ankles, hands, forearms, and chest, with a smooth piece of leather running down the back. If you fall down a lot on the slopes, it’s basically like God Mode, because there’s absolutely no bodily configuration that won’t work.

Did I mention this isn’t Strasser’s first foray into “why don’t I just cover my body in X for the sake of mobility??” Because he also made a similar suit with 32 roller skate wheels just about everywhere, including a skateboard truck attached to his ass.

There’s a movie to be made about a snow patrolman who gets gunned down by the mob and is resurrected to fight slope crimes using his superhuman skiing abilities. Someone reading this is bound to have Val Kilmer’s number.

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