Illustration for article titled Google Adds Two-Finger Lion Gestures to Chrome, But Cocks Up the Natural Scrolling

Obviously those who disabled natural scrolling are laughing. But as you may've noticed already, Chrome's three-finger left/right swipe to navigate through previously-viewed pages has been broken in Lion, because that gesture now flips between desktops.


Google's since updated Chrome to number 14, as while it's not been released past the dev channel yet, TechCrunch has confirmed two-finger gestures work perfectly—if you've turned off natural scrolling, that is. Instead of navigating back to the previously-viewed page when you slide your two fingers right (as natural scrolling dictates), it actually goes forward instead, which is what it always used to be like before Apple changed the game on everyone with the backwards natural scrolling.


TechCrunch suggests using BetterTouchTool to change the gestures in Chrome if you really can't live with this mind-bender. There's a good chance Google will offer the user the choice themselves, or recognize if natural scrolling has been disabled once it actually gets the official release, but in the meantime—bhahahah. [Google Chrome Releases via TechCrunch]

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