Google Buys AdMob, Secures Strength in Mobile Advertising

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Today, Google purchased AdMob for $750 million. AdMob provides mobile advertisements in places Google doesn't, like in apps or while web-browsing, but what it really means is that Google is staking its claim in the mobile ad world.


AdMob is one of the most dominant players in the mobile advertising arena—you've probably seen their ads in iPhone apps and things like that, as a bar on the top or bottom of the screen. AdMob isn't restricted to one platform; they're on pretty much all of the major consumer mobile OSes, including both iPhone and Android. What does this mean for you? Nothing, yet, since it's going to take at least a few months for the deal to go through. But it means that Google will have a huge influence in mobile advertising, way beyond Android. [Google]


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Side news, AdMob is only two years old, and the $750m is the largest Google purchase so far.

Those guys should be proud #googleadmob