Google Calendar Now Supports CalDAV, Syncs Natively With iCal (But Not iPhone)

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One of my personal sticking points for keeping my online life totally synced is now one step closer to being easier-Google Calendar now supports CalDAV and can sync natively with OS X's iCal without a third-party add-on. But there's a huge hitch-as of now, I see no way to sync events created on my iPhone back into a Google Calendar, as you can't create an event in a CalDAV calendar directly on the iPhone. Damn, almost there-looks like I can't throw out BusySync just yet. But if you've found away around this limitation, please share in the comments. So close! [Lifehacker]




thanks WHB - Nuevasync works fantastic and includes all the google calendars for which you have read/write access. your read only calendars will not sync.

One issue however is that if you already have an exchange account sync'd with your phone you cannot use this as the iphone will only allow one exchange account at a time.

This is a good intermediate solution until Apple allows subscriptions in the mobileme calendars.


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