Google Chrome OS Screenshots Are Fake, Just Like We Thought

John Herrman was pretty skeptical of the Chrome OS screenshots we saw this morning, and as it turns out, rightly so; their creator has piped up and admitted their falsity.


Here's the creator's explanation, in his own (poorly written) words. It was all just a prank, for some unknown reason!

I am sorry if you beleived it. It was a really bad attempt. You all are smart people. I never planned on it getting this big. But it did. (Come one, I know the Google logo. I am actually a graphic designer, I just wanted to see reactions if it was a crappy back.)

Oh, right, I also DO know CSS and HTML. Just clarifying that. I never was going to let this go on longer than 12 hours.

We're mostly just disappointed, since a more professional mockup would've been so much harder to disprove. Couldn't he have waited one day and gotten the damn Google colors right? [Faker's Blog via PC Mag]



What a lame apology. If anything he should be beat with a large stick for his impudence. He sounds like a dog with is tail between his legs, not really sorry, just sheepish because he wasn't clever enough to actually pull it off.