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Google Chromium on Mac Kicks Every Other Mac Browser's Ass

Illustration for article titled Google Chromium on Mac Kicks Every Other Mac Browsers Ass

Google Chromium 4.0, the pre-alpha version of Chrome, may still be buggy and crashy as all hell, but it's also incredibly fast, according to benchmarks: 34% faster than Safari, for one, and more than twice as fast as Firefox.


These numbers are based on Javascript benchmarks, which don't give a total view of a browser's speed but do tell us how adept a browser is at dealing with intensive code. Chromium scored 657ms on the test to Safari's 886ms. Firefox scored 1,508ms and Opera 10 Beta 3 (my personal browser of choice) lagged way behind with 5,958ms. Keeping in mind that Chromium is pre-alpha and thus better seen as a fun dev project than an actual candidate for a primary browser, we're pretty excited. Once Google irons out the bugs and gets some damn extensions, Chrome on Mac is going to be a stiff challenger to Firefox. [CNET]

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I honestly won't touch Chrome until it has something as Firefox's "NoScript" ability. The current security abilities of Chrome do not rival Noscript's. I just don't feel safe browsing with Chrome, or even Firefox without NoScript.

This is the ONLY thing that stop me from using Chrome. It's my only gripe with it.