Google Co-Founders Wanted Steve Jobs To Be CEO of Google

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When Sergey Brin and Larry Page were first looking for a CEO to run Google, they met with Steve Jobs. The Google co-founders left that meeting wanting the CEO of Apple to become the CEO of Google.


According to interviews in Bloomberg's documentary series, Game Changers, that's who the two boywonders wanted as their head honcho. At the time (early 2000's), Sergey and Larry had interviewed some 12-13 candidates to become CEO of Google but didn't like any of 'em. Instead they wanted Jobs, their quote-unquote hero, to be the CEO. Unfortunately Jobs was busy running some other company that was about to embark on a renaissance for the ages.

The Google dudes ended up finding and picking Eric Schmidt who interestingly doesn't really resemble Jobs at all. It's funny to think what would've happened if things played out differently (even if it was probably never serious for Jobs). Maybe Apple and Google wouldn't hate each other. Maybe there would be no iPhone. Or no Android. Ah! Never mind! I like the world as it is now. [Bloomberg's Game Changers via Pocket-Lint]


Aaron Crabtree

Wow. That would be nuts. Google and Apple are two of them most diametrically opposed companies out there, and I think it's worked out amazingly for the marketplace. I don't really like Apple much (though I used to be a bit of a fanboy), but I think their existence and stance on things has pushed Google to do a lot of things they otherwise wouldn't have. And Google has in turn pushed Apple in the same way, which then pushed Google more. Hopefully this cycle will continue for a long time.

What's happening now is what could have (maybe should have?) happened in the '90s, had Microsoft not become so insanely dominant. As much as I prefer Android, I think nothing would be worse for the platform than if it became as dominant on mobiles as Windows is on PCs. The existence (and popularity) of iOS means that Android will continually have to get better and better. And that's just wonderful.

So thank God this didn't happen. The world needs a Steve Jobs - a focused and determined man who has to have things done exactly right, and exactly his way (which may make him a bit of an arrogant prick, but I digress) - and an Eric Schmidt - someone who is willing to push the boundaries quickly, even if things aren't always perfect. Put the two at the heads of competing companies, and we have the insanely quick pace of innovation that we have today.

Thanks, Steve, for saying "No."