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Google Could Soon Help You See the World Like Iron Man

Illustration for article titled Google Could Soon Help You See the World Like Iron Man

Iron Man's HUD display is one of the cooler effects in sci-fi movies, and Google X is apparently pretty darn close to cramming similar tech in a pair of glasses you can buy in the real world.


A 9to5google tipster got to see a prototype pair, and says that they look similar to Oakley Thumps glasses that have a front-facing camera, voice recognition, and navigation/input handled by tilting your head. The guts apparently resemble last generation's Android phones, while HUD itself is only in one eye (and off to the side) because it's not transparent like Tony Stark's tech. It had been previously reported that the device is not simply an "Android peripheral."

The glasses are still a long way from completion, but Google is reportedly looking into a pilot program like it did with Chromebooks. Anything that gets these things on my face faster is all right with me. [9to5google]

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