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Google Experimenting With Ditching the Black Bar for a New Launcher

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a new, cleaner Google web interface being tested out there right now, which does away with the black bar in favour of nicking the Chrome OS and Android grid icon and using it to to populate a nice little white dropdown.

If you want to give the alternate Google launcher a shot, there's a method to access it involving editing your cookies, which then tricks the interface into thinking you have an Eric Schmidt level of access and lets you use this possible future way of doing things right now.


While it's nice to see the company moving away from 1990s white-on-black style with this new dropdown, it goes against Google's previous love of simplicity by introducing more clicks to the process. And there's nothing worse than a redesign that turns a one-click task into a two-click task. [Google OS]


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