Google Glass Updates: A New App Store, Media Player and Lock Screen

Illustration for article titled Google Glass Updates: A New App Store, Media Player and Lock Screen

With Google's most recent update for its Glass Explorer Edition come some signs of what's to come: a new app store, a dedicated media player and a security-conscious lock screen.


The official software tweaks include a web browser—navigated with head gestures—along with tweaks to things like search and contacts. But some sifting through code reveals features that Google hasn't officially announced yet.

A dev known as Zhuowei churned through the code of the new software update, and found a bunch of work-in-progress features. Lack of a lock screen has meant that a snatched pair of Google's glasses could easily be navigated through—so its inclusion will be a big security boon. Unlocking appears to be dealt with by a code, entered using swipes along the side-arm touchpad.

Elsewhere, there's mention of a new app store called Boutique, which will allow Glass to synchronize with Glassware and native APKs. That suggests that native app support may also be in the cards for the device—making it easier to install software on the thing.

Finally, there appears to be some added multimedia functionality on the way: a music player, with standard controls and and album/artist information on-screen seems the major contender, but a video player also gets a mention in the code. In fact, volume control has been added as an official feature already—so you can vary the amplitude of Glass’ bone-conduction speaker.

All told, it's a fairly minor series of software tweaks, and whether they ever come to full fruition remains to be seen. But if they do, they seem to make the device far more useable and versatile than before. [Slashgear]