Google Has Adorably Goofy 360-Degree StreetView Backpack Cameras Now (Updated)

So on top of its fleet of world-roaming StreetView cars, Google's now got 360-degree backpack cameras to take in the world. And now you want one, too.

The packs aren't the most inconspicuous of cameras—sorta like a Ghostbuster fighting a giant green ladybug—so they'll probably get pranked and mugged-for pretty hard. But who cares! Giant spaceprobe-like camera, hooked up to an Android phone? Very cool.


For the rest of the Google Maps news today, you can follow along with our live coverage.

Photo by Mat Honan

Update: A few more details: The Trekker has 15 5-megapixel cameras and weighs 35 pounds, and its battery lasts "all day." They're prototypes only for now.


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