Google Is Adding Excellent Right-Click Features to Gmail

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“Google is making changes to Gmail” is not a phrase we’re used to hearing without a shudder going up our spine. But this time around, we’re feeling pretty good about it.


On Monday, Google announced that it will be adding a ton of new options to the menu when a user right-clicks on an email. Currently, a right-click gives you just three options: Archive, Mark as Read, or Delete. Soon, you’ll have practically any feature you could ask for in that little menu nestled just a single click away:

Illustration for article titled Google Is Adding Excellent Right-Click Features to Gmail
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All you really need to know is that the option will be there soon. Users on the rapid release schedule should start to see it today, and the rollout to everyone will begin on February 22.

Having recently been forced into using the redesigned version of Gmail and finding myself increasing giving into the dystopic hell of the auto-complete feature, I wouldn’t have imagined myself getting excited about any changes to my email where change is bad. The fact that this isn’t a game-changing tweak is why it’s great. Right-clicking for options is just a natural thing, and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

[Google via The Verge]


I suppose these are coming before the feature that makes email action buttons respond less than 20 seconds after page load, right?

Or the paging feature so that it doesn’t somehow load 50mb worth of network requests before it stops.

Or the one where it they stop it from falsely triggering “are you sure you want to leave this page” prompts while it’s making those requests. (At least on Firefox.)

Or the one where the colored unread badges at the top of each category can be turned off, because I will literally never open anything that gets tossed into promotions, and half of my updates are totally discernable from the headline.

All of this under the most unresponsive, laggy SPA I’ve ever seen, so loading an email sometimes takes more than 10 seconds on a fast connection, during which the UI becomes unresponsive.

Seriously, the gmail 2.0 web client is a massive step backwards.