Google Is Building a Secret Time Machine

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Google's time machine is called Recorded Future. It won't allow Sergei, Larry, and Eric to go back in time, but it will let them to search into your future. Nobody has any real details yet, but here's their about box:

Recorded Future allows financial analysts, intelligence analysts, and predictors to organize and aggregate future observations with ease.

Recorded Future organizes information about the future and makes it available to our users. Recorded Future's customers are some of the top government agencies and trading firms in the world.

Recorded Future is not part of Google, but one of the very few companies that Google Ventures is investing in—with the objective of continuing to own the world through incoming disruptive technologies. Their software crawls the internet collecting references to future events, adding them to a database, and using secret algorithms to analyze it. The end user can search this database using three boxes—What, Who/Where, and When—to get a timeline that goes back and forward in time.

Yes, it all sounds quite simple. But if you believe the hype, there's a lot more to it. A special sauce that nobody really knows about, like interpreting the underlying feelings in the writing of people.


Perhaps their technology is similar to IBM's own $12-billion future prediction machine, but for now, nobody is talking. [Recorded Future via via Media Memo]