Google Just Stripped the 'Nexus' from the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Update: No It Didn't)

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Google's pissed at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE about something because it just effectively stripped away the Nexus title of the Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus LTE no longer shows up on Google's Nexus developer pages which seems to mean that Google no longer thinks the Galaxy Nexus LTE is a true reference Android device.


This seems like it could be in retaliation for the lack of Google Wallet support on the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus (ahem, Verizon). Remember, other phones with the Nexus branding didn't have carriers dabbling or removing software like Verizon did with the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus.

According to Droid Life who spotted the disappearance of the Galaxy Nexus LTE/CDMA:

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You will notice in the screenshot above that the device "toro" – which was the codename for the device – has been removed from the list of supported devices. There is also a note above that which reads "No CDMA devices are supported."

What's interesting is that 'toro' aka the Galaxy Nexus LTE/CDMA was still listed in the developer pages as recent as January 28th. What exactly spurred the change, no one knows, but it seems like the change (if official) will potentially screw Verizon Samsung Galaxy owners as Verizon and Samsung will now be responsible for handling software updates. A far cry from other Nexus phones where Google has been in full control of delivering software updates and giving Nexus users new Android updates first.

Update: PHEW. It looks like this is much ado about nothing. Google told The Verge that the removal of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was due to its CDMA-ness and not its refusal of Google Wallet (or another reason). Google will still support the Verizon Galaxy Nexus through official updates but clarified why CDMA devices aren't listed in the dev pages here. And here we thought Google was taking a stand.


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Two points:

(1) This is not the only phone being dropped. Also on the chopping block is the Nexus S 4g (which I believe has Google Wallet), the Motorola Xoom (3g/4g models only. the wifi model is still a developer device, thus, gets it's updates from Google), and finally the CDMA Galaxy Nexus. The common thread here is that all the CDMA devices got dropped. It has nothing to do with Wallet.

(2) This really sucks. Anything with the word Nexus in it is supposed to be a Google-updated device and people bought that thing with it sitting on their dev site. Now they up and decide that cdma devices aren't going to be directly Google supported. That's bull shit. Pull old devices from the dev page? Fine. Announce that any CDMA devices going forward will only be updated by carriers? Fine. Pull the Verizon version of your latest reference device that was released less than 2 months ago? Bush league.

edit: Google's response: []