Google Knowledge Graph: Search Results Packed With Worlds of Information

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Google search has always been about connecting you to information. The new Google Knowledge Graph makes the process faster than ever by delivering a summary of important info on your search results page.

Google's been moving in the direction of delivering information rather than links for some time by adding sports scores, election results, and dictionary definitions to search results. Knowledge Graph represents an evolution of this for searches with more complex results.


As the video above explains, Google Knowledge Graph is all about giving you information about things. Traditionally search has been all about connecting the terms in your query with relevant links on the web. (When you search for Apple, you get a link to Apple's homepage.) With the new feature, Google uses its impressive search algorithm to identify the most probable thing you're looking for. It then harvests key information from the relevant links and delivers it as a trading card-like summary next to your results. (e.g. Apple, founded 1976, CEO Tim Cook). Knowledge graph begins rolling out to English-speaking users today. [Google]