Google Maps Goes Indoors, Pinpoints Orange Julius in Crowded Malls

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As malls get bigger and more cluttered, it's getting harder to find the Hot Dog on a Stick or the shoe section at Macy's. Well, mall rats rejoice; Google's My Location feature just got an indoor upgrade to help navigate your way through malls, airports, and department stores.


Google Maps 6.0 for Android is available now in the US and Japan, and pinpoints your location in participating malls, airports, Macy's, Home Depots, and other retail outlets. It's like a directory in your pocket. Available for Android 2.1 and later, the latest feature uses floor plans from retailers to help you find the bathrooms and other points of indoor interest. Google has fine-tuned its My Location feature to locate which floor you're wandering around on looking for socks.

Retailers that are not part of today's rollout can upload their own floor plans to Google. So hopefully I'll soon be able to find the USB cables at Fry's without wandering around for 10 minutes. The feature is Android only, so don't go rushing to your iPhone hoping that it'll help you find the hammers at Home Depot. [Google]

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Darn you Giz, now I cant get the thought of an Orange Julius out of my mind.

Good app for those of us who plan our shopping at the mall like a commando raid. I plot my route, scope out the closest exit, get the stuff on my list and get out before enemy perfume sprayers can get to me (I am highly allergic).