We've heard it said backward and forward that tablets are eating into laptop sales, but rarely if ever do we hear much about the tablet's influence on TV watching. Turns out all those iPads are disrupting that experience too.

So says a new survey out of Google's mobile division anyway, where we learned that laptop, PC and even TV usage are all declining thanks to the thing nobody knew they always wanted:

Among other results, 77% of respondents said their PC use dropped after they got a tablet, and 43% said they spend more time with their slates than with desktops or laptops. As for television, one in three of those who replied said they lock eyes with their tablets more than with their TVs. - CNET


Additionally, 28% of those polled in the survey said the humble tablet was their "primary computer" and a staggering 84% said they used their tablet as a game-playing device.

Not a bad return for something that literally wasn't on a overwhelming majority of consumers' radars one year ago. [CNET]