Google Music Comes to iOS with a Pretty Decent Web App

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Google seems to pick and choose when they'll make a native app and when they'll go the web route with iOS. For Google Music, which is still in beta, they chose the web app route and it's actually still pretty good.


It's all powered within the Safari browser, you can swipe left, swipe right to jump between categories like Artists, Albums, Songs, etc. The songs stream from the cloud and even play in the background even when you close Safari. [Google Music via TechCrunch]


wow i didn't know web apps could be so smooth. tried the scrolling left right up down etc its amazingly smooth!! I've used web apps before but they've always been slightly slower and cumbersome compared to native apps.

Now a couple of questions for all your google music users:

1-I was under the impression that google music was a storage locker of sorts, you upload your music library and can stream it anywhere since Big G couldn't strike deals wit content providers. I haven't uploaded any of my music, yet I see a whole bunch of songs and albums in there, whats the deal with that?

2-Related to the first question, I see maybe one of too songs in most albums i've checked. How are they providing this partial library and not the whole thing. if they have some rights, aren't they generally for the whole label, or atleast for an artist they would get access to the full artists library?

3-Does Gmusic have an offline play functionality of any kind?

4-upon going to the site, it asks me for a login/password. If i tell it to store it, so i don't have to type it repeatedly, will it also then store the password for my gmail account since its the same account? i don't want it to do that.

5-stay with me now - lastly, how do web app bookmarks work? I once bookmarked a site to desktop on ipad, and then when i would click on the icon, it would open up full screen without any browser buttons, address bar, etc, it was just like a native app didn't need any of the browser buttons. But on sites i tried recently the bookmark just opens up the site in safari, basically just a webpage. Do i have to do something special for it to open up as a standalone page without browser functionality, or is that dictated by the site designer?

If someone could satisfy my curiosity i'd be much obliged, google wasn't of much help for these specific questions, and gizmodo readers are generally the most knowledgable people around so i apologize if its slightly off topic.