Google News Cushion is Enlightening, Embarrassing

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The Google News Cushion is a standard couch pillow that's been printed with the top Google News stories of the year. It's a microcosm, in plush, pillow form, of the collective human experience on planet Earth. For instance, what news did we search most in 2003?


Kobe Bryant, Brittany Spears, Shakira, and 50 Cent. 2005 found itself riddled with trifles like "tsunami" and Hurricane Katrina, but it's promising to know that even in the face of such tragedies, Man still found time to search for Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Britney Spears again...Needless to say, the pillow becomes a greatest hits list for everything that truly matters in the world.

2003 will run you a steep $250, with other years costing a slightly more reasonable $120. Each pillow is signed for authenticity that it's expensive. [product via bltd]

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A 2003 pillow for $250? Are they kidding? To pay that kind of money just for something to sit on I'd at least expect to have a picture of my face on the other side AND make "whoopie cushion" noises when someone actually uses it. Other than that just give me a magic marker.