You'd have to be in serious denial not to know that Google Reader is officially dead as of this morning. But there has been a certain ambiguity about how long your data would be available after the rapture. No longer. July 15th is the end.

In a post overnight, Google was totally clear about the final doomsday:

You can download a copy of your Google Reader data via Google Takeout until 12PM PST July 15, 2013


That's it! Final! Download your data right now!

How does this work?

  • When you head over to Google Takeout, you'll have to instruct Google to prepare your data into a package.
  • When its ready (it shouldn't take long), you'll get an email.
  • You'll notice that the file you download from Google Takeout is a .zip archive with many files inside. The "OPML" file containing all of your subscription data is the one called (duh) "subscriptions.xml".
  • Import that file into the reader of your choice and you'll be all set.

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