Google Says the Next Motorola Products Aren't Really 'Wow' Impressive

When Google bought Motorola, a lot of people thought it would mark the beginning of an onslaught of awesome Motorola Android phones. It didn't really happen like that. In fact, it looks like it's getting worse. Google just described Motorola's upcoming products as "not really to the standards that what Google would say is wow—innovative, transformative." That's, um, honest.

Google CFO Patrick Pichette spoke at Morgan Stanley's Technology Conference and pretty much gave Motorola the opposite of a vote of confidence. Pichette, who has a growing history of knocking Motorola down, just recently said that Google had "inherited a 12-18 month product pipeline" that the company is "still working through." The kind of words Pichette uses to describe Motorola is the same comments you'd describe anything that's dragging down your life but tough to ditch (cable companies, leaky faucets, plateaued relationships, etc). Basically, whatever Motorola is doing right now, it's not enough for Google.

So even though Motorola has made some half-decent phones recently, it's probably better to stay away until, you know, the freaking company that owns Motorola believes in its products. [The Verge]

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