Google Search Just Got Way Better at Understanding Your Questions

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Google Search is steadily becoming smarter–from voice search in 2008 to the Knowledge Graph in 2012. But now, the Google Search team is marking another milestone—it can tackle even more complex questions.

In a blog post, product manager Satyajeet Salgar talks about some of the nuanced advancements, which are actually a pretty big deal. In the broadest sense, Google is beginning to understand the meaning and semantics of your queries, which lets Google use its Knowledge Graph more reliably.

Google gives a few examples, like better understanding superlatives, dates in questions, and complex questions with many different parts to consider. Like the one above, for example. “Now we’re “growing up” just a little more,” writes Salgar. “We can now break down a query to understand the semantics of each piece, so we can get at the intent behind the entire question.”


Google Search is scary smart compared to its humble beginnings in the 90s, but there’s still much more to learn. [Google]

How Apple Lost Its Design Way: According to two ex-Apple employees, the company has completely lost its way when it comes to design. Here’s the most damning excerpt from Co.Design’s Apple smackdown, written by the venerable Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini:

Apple is destroying design. Worse, it is revitalizing the old belief that design is only about making things look pretty.

You can read the entire screed over at Fast Company.

Razer Eats Ouya: Razer confirmed late last week that the its Android game console, the Forge TV, will incorporate Ouya’s gaming library, which it recently purchased, and will be a “spiritual successor” to the Ouya. Razer says the hope to have the world’s largest library for Android games on your television. [Engadget]


Fossil Makes Another Smartwatch Move: Fossil is already preparing two Android Wear watches in partnership with Intel, but Fossil’s also just bought Misfit, a wearable company known best for its Shine lineup of wearables. Fossil’s building quite a wearable empire–now it just needs to build something with it. [Yahoo]


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That Apple design article is pretty great. Kinda feel it should have been the header, rather than a really nitpicky upgrade to Google searches.