Google Shuts Down Infinite SMS For Gmail, iPhone

Illustration for article titled Google Shuts Down Infinite SMS For Gmail, iPhone

The days of sending free text messages with third-party applications like Infinite SMS in Google Talk has come to an end. The reason? Google was unwilling to foot the bill.

Google has claimed no grievance with Infinite SMS other than its success. Their given reason for the block isn't abuse or wrongdoing; it's that we brought too many users (and thus too much cost) to an experimental service.


Naturally, this means that the Infinite SMS app for the iPhone / iPod Touch has also been discontinued. The good news is that the proprietary SMS service are still available in Labs, so it's not a total loss. Still, users of the popular Infinite SMS app will undoubtedly be disappointed. [Innerfence via TechFlash via CNET]

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Don't most wireless services support text over email? I know Verizon is Why not use that?