Google Signs 40-Year Lease to Build New Campus on NASA Land

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Sergey and Larry's involvement with NASA seems to be getting ever deeper. Alongside the parking rights for the Google company jet at Moffat airfield, and using NASA data for Google, the Mountain View-based company is to build a brand new empire on 42.2 acres of land owned by the space agency at the Ames Research Center in Mountain View. The high-tech campus will have around 1.2 million sq ft of offices and R&D facilities, and is costing around $3.66 million per year of its 40-year lease.


Here's what the two camps had to say about the deal. "With this new campus, we will establish a new era of expanded collaboration with Google that will further enhance our Silicon Valley connections," said Ames Director S. Pete Worden. "This major expansion of NASA Research Park supports NASA's mission to lead the nation in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research."

"This long-term lease agreement is a key component of Google's strategy for continued growth in Silicon Valley," said David Radcliffe, Google's vice president of real estate and workplace services. "We believe this collaboration between Google, NASA and the city of Mountain View is emblematic of the mutually beneficial partnerships that can be created between the public and private sectors."

Google has an option to extend the lease to up to 90 years, if it so wishes. When construction begins, by the end of September 2013, NASA will retain control of pretty much everything, including approving the design, issuing building permits, conducting inspections and monitoring construction. As well as the office space, Google has plans to build "company housing and amenities such as dining, sports, fitness, child care, conference and parking facilities for its employees, as well as recreation and park facilities and infrastructure improvements for NASA's use," according to the NASA press release. [NASA and BBC News]



What an opportunity for Google to get a two for one on this deal with

NASA. Are you guys listening? Hanger 1 at "Moffett Field" is in the

midst of a debate to have it torn down. It is claimed this historical

landmarks outer skin is an asbestos hazard. This is a huge talking

point in the area.

One proposal is to have Hanger 1 reskined and used as a museum or

other community use. I would propose that Google throw in a bit of

their zillions and have the hanger covered in solar sheets to provide

the energy for its new campus on the former Navy base.

The historic landmark along Highway 101 would be preserved. Google

makes a great PR stand. Google gets free energy after pay off

period. A real environmental impact can be had.

Come on Google. It's win win all the way around.

Please Google. Save Hanger 1.