Google Threatens Cyanogen Android Hacker With Cease-and-Desist

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This is a weird one: Google has just slapped Cyanogen, maker of the biggest and most successful Android ROM mod around, with a cease-and-desist letter. But Google's reasoning doesn't make any sense, and we're wondering what their game is.

See, Google's cease-and-desist specifically states that Cyanogen should stop passing around Google's closed-source apps like Google Maps, Google Talk and Gmail, because those are only supposed to be used on Google Experience Android devices like the G1 and MyTouch 3G. That makes sense, except for one thing: Cyanogen only works on the exact devices those closed-source apps were designed for, like, well, the G1 and MyTouch 3G. So what's the point of trying to stop Cyanogen?

Engadget suggests that maybe Google just wants to discourage rooting of their devices in general, which seems awfully contrary to the Android open-source philosophy. Truth is, we have no idea why Google would want to stop a thriving and well-received modder, but Cyanogen says he's trying to open up some communication with the big G, so hopefully we'll get an explanation soon. [Android and Me via Engadget]

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Striderhayasa - (EliteMonster Hunter)

Oh Noes! I was feeling some hatred toward my G1 because of the constant performance issues, constant battery issues and the news that the g1's limited memory could prevent it from getting the donut update.

Then I rooted my phone with cyanogen's G1 rom in July and it's disgusting how much better his rom runs than Googles own cupcake 1.5 update. Google needs to stop being pussies considering their own legal speak makes no damn sense considering Cyanogen ONLY works on the devices they mentioned (as far as I know) and just give him a job. He's done what Google coulda/woulda/shoulda done but didn't...made the G1 a viable contender in the face of the palm pre and iphone with better performance. The improvements my g1 has gained because of Cyanogen's ROM can't be understated. If the worse case scenario pans out and his ROM is killed, then to hell with the g1. I'm not going back to a shitty legit build after having the bliss of a rooted phone with a kick ass ROM.

Leave him alone Google, just leave him alone...his work is for the good of the G1 and MyTouch community...