Google Voice Apps Coming to Android and BlackBerry, iPhone Users Must Wait

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Google Voice, the sweet service that lets you redirect calls, transcribes your voicemails and way more, is finally coming to smartphones—but only Android and BlackBerry, for now. iPhone users, you can go have some coffee while you wait.


Vincent Paquet, a senior product manager for Google and cofounder of GrandCentral (Google Voice before its name change), announced that Google Voice will be coming to the Android Market and to BlackBerry, although users of the latter will have to download it directly from Google rather than App World for some reason. It'll let you have your Google Voice number displayed on the other end and show transcribed email inside the app, rather than forcing the use of a browser. The invite system of registration, however, will still be in place.

iPhone and WebOS are markedly absent; we can forgive a little tardiness at WebOS because the platform's so new, but iPhone? What gives? Isn't Skype already available? No explanation for the absence was given, but Google assures us it is definitely coming as soon as possible. [CNET]


I reviewed Google Voice here:…

If Google adds a SIP service on their end, rather than having to use the somewhat unstable Gizmo5, it would be perfect.

Also, I hope they write an *integrated* VoIP component for Android. Like Nokia's smartphones, where their VoIP SIP support is fully part of the UI. This way, we can receive and make calls completely for free or for very low prices. I explain why this is needed and how is this cheaper than using Gizmo5 for international calls on the link above.