Illustration for article titled Google Voice for Android Adds Group Messaging, Offline Voicemail, and Other Goodies

If you use Google Voice for Android you got yourself a pretty sweet little update today that adds offline voicemail, group recipients for text messages as well as "improved" text message notifications.

This update is actually a big deal that adds long-overdue features to Google Voice for Android. If you've ever tried to send a text message to a group of people in Google voice you know how maddening it can be that until now, well, you haven't been able to do it. Multiple text message recipients is huge. The other essential feature is "prefetched" voicemails, which download when you've got a data connection so that you can access them when you're offline. Thank goodness. The update also adds improved text message notifications that show you the whole text message in the notification bar even if you're running another application. [Android Market via The Next Web]


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