Google's Acquisition of Motorola Is Really Real

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As far as the Department of Justice is concerned, Google's swallowing of Motorola Mobility isn't going to violate any antitrust laws, so they gave it the OK. Long story short, we won't be seeing a repeat of the whole AT&T-Mobile ordeal. [Reuters]

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Terrible news for consumers. Google will use Motorola Mobility to gain nearly 100% marketing penetration of Google TV while giving the consumers little to no choice as an alternative as most people cannot use a cable box outside of the one provided by the cable company.

Not only that but Google will also gain a huge foothold in acquisition of marketing data related to TV watching and have the ability to serve even more ads, again with next to no consumer choice.

Everyone is focusing on the wrong issue. Costumers shouldn't be fearful of the impact that the purchase of Motorola Mobility will have on the cellular telephone market - many choices outside of Android/Motorola - rather the impact on cable television where there is little to no choice.